Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis

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We cater for all occasions! Close fires, open fires, braais, pizza ovens, and even smoke processes. Stop searching for “Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis” and order now.

Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis

We Guarantee Top-Quality Seasoned Firewood and Braaiwood!

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Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis

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A family owned business since 1997, with 20+ years experience. We cater for all occasions, close fires, open fires, braais, pizza ovens, smoke processes. Our delivery to all areas including, Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Cape Town City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard, Somerset West, Gordons Bay and surrounding areas. We are the experts at wood for sale Cape Town.

Wood for every occasion

We cater for all occasions, close fires, open fires, braais, pizza ovens, and smoke processes.

Wood seasoned for at least one year!

All fire and braai wood sold has been properly seasoned for at least one year! We only harvest alien trees from the farm.

No Middle Man

When buying from us you buy direct and cut the middle man out. Our aim is that you should buy only by us for all your future wood purchases.

Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis

Choose From Our Bestsellers

Namibian Hardwood

Namibian Hardwood

Long lasting braai memories

Blackwattle Firewood

Blackwattle Firewood

Heat up the atmosphere, fire pit or braai

Bluegum Firewood

Bluegum Firewood

Great for home and cooking purposes

Get the best braai wood prices today, at prices you can afford

“We are extremely passionate about wood, a family business with over 27 years of experience dealing with wood, we strive to provide our clients with seasoned, and premium braai wood prices.”

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Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis

We Deliver Across Cape Town & Surrounding Areas

Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis

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Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis​

How do we measure a load?

  • Half Bakkie Load

    Half Cubic Meter = half load (17 Bulk Bags)

  • 1 x Bakkie Load

    1 x cubic meter = 1 x load (34 Bulk Bags)

  • 2 x Bakkie Load

    2 x cubic meter = double load (68 Bulk Bags)


Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis

What Our Clients Say

Catherine Middlemost

Excellent service, prompt & tidy delivery, very pleasant people to deal with. Very happy with the wood. I would highly recommend Firewood Cape-Town.

Robin Carpenter-Frank

What a pleasure it has been dealing with this company. We bought a huge amount of wood from them – their service was excellent. The quality of the wood we ordered was 10/10 If only all suppliers were this good! 😀

James Claassen

I had a great experience. Easy to use website, great communication, had same delivery and the wood was dry.

Oliver Ribic

Amazing wood service, I would always recommend Firewood Cape-Town – best in the business. Thank you Rosario.

Anton De Sousa Costa

Great quality blue gum and Kameeldoring. Rosario always delivers on time as promised at a reasonable rate.


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Firewood Delivery Near Me Atlantis​

Know the Namibian Hardwood before you purchase other firewood.

Cape Town is full of traditional activities where social events, camping, and wood fires under the open sky is considered as a top activity. Firing up wood and braaing flavored meat on it, is not only an activity but also an opportunity to spend some time with friends and family.

This means that braaing remains in the blood of South Africans. Christmas, birthday, farewell or get to gather with friends is an acceptable reason to get on with firewood camp and arrange a braai. South Africans intend to spend their braai moments with some quality fire hardwood.

Hardwood is the type of firewood which possesses several qualities as long lasting, residues coal and produces more heat compared to softwood. Hardwood is further bifurcated into different types of firewood species. One of the widely known species of firewood is Namibian Hardwood.

This species is the bind of a few regulations as it is not allowed to be harvested when its still alive or imported without competitive authority permission.

This wood is not native to South Africa but to Namibia. Namibian hardwood is widely popular for big fireplaces around South Africa. It is extremely dry having lower moisture contents. Due to the variety of qualities the demand for Namibian hardwood increases by each passing a day across the world.

Namibian hardwood is one of the dense woods that satisfy the goal of camping moments as it makes the atmosphere warmer than other firewood. It residues a large amount of coal which releases the same heat as compared to softwood. Also, it has a musky fragrance and leaves no smoke while burning. Furthermore, Namibian hardwood produces red or orange flame while burning. It leaves a radiant smell which doesn’t affect cooking food in the oven also. However, the size of wood may differ from batch to batch.

In the end, Namibian Hardwood may be a little expensive but enduring which can contribute to creating long lasting braai memories. This firewood is perfect to make your night a special one. So, for the best braai experience, one should try Namibian hardwood at least once in his or her life.